Ground and Polished beads. Using flat lap.

Priced $16 to $24

Curved Flat Beads

Long bead is made and flattened. Next day heated up and curved.

Prices vary

Tube beads  $12 each

Tube beads $20 each

Tube beads

$48 and $36

Double Dolphin Beads

$20 each

Kumihimo Beads

Large hole

Prices from $10 to$30

Kumihimo Beads

side view

   Here are some of my beads. These are group shots of my most popular styles .

Cave Art Beads

Sandblasted and mink oil $36 each

Cave Art Beads

Sandblasted and mink oil $36 each

Large Round Lentil Beads $24

Long Lentil Beads $24

Bicone Beads $20 each

Satellite Beads ---- Dichroic strip deep inside

the magnifying balls direct light in and make the bead sparkle

Woman's face beads---dichroic sparkle inside the hair---$20 ea

Woman's face beads--with dichroic glass---$20